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May 2023

We are very pleased to report that our Co-Chairs, Jo Richler and Paul Kleiman have been awarded the 2023 Sands Volunteer Award particularly for their partnership with The Whitworth Art Gallery creating the multi-award winning STILL PARENTS project and exhibition.


May 2022

Another Award!

STILL PARENTS won one of the University of Manchester's prestigious 'Making A Difference' awards. The Whitworth and Manchester Sands won the award in the Social and Cultural impact category. We are very pleased and proud, and want to give a huge thank you  not only to Lucy Turner and the team at the Whitworth but also, and so importantly, to all the bereaved parents who have taken part in the project and who have helped us break the silence around baby loss.


The 'Making A Difference Award' goes alongside the 'Going The Extra MIle' award  STILL PARENTS won in 2020 awarded by the charity Kids in Museums 















                                                          Paul, Co-Chair, Manchester Sands 

                                                          with Lucy, Imogen and Tricia from The Whitworth



STILL PARENTS: Life After Baby Loss is the first exhibition of its kind, creating a platform to share personal stories open conversations and break the wall of silence that continues to surround baby loss.

The exhibition has evolved from the work the Whitworth’s award-winning Still Parents project, which supports parents who have experienced the loss of a baby in pregnancy or just after birth.

This is a constituent-led exhibition, where every aspect from curation to interpretation has been informed by our project participants. Throughout two exhibition galleries, you'll find a combination of artworks and objects, created, chosen from the gallery's collection, or loaned by our participants. And, it is their personal stories and responses, written in their own words, that are shared with you.


Launched in October 2019 in partnership with Sands (the Stillbirth and Neo-Natal Death Charity), the Still Parents project is a continuing series of informal monthly workshops. Under the guidance of professional artists, the programme encourages participants to collectively explore their experience through creativity. Making and doing is at the heart of these sessions as participants are introduced to new techniques and skills whilst surrounded by people who understand.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Still Parents workshops then contact


SANDS UNITED STOCKPORT are looking for football players!

We are a charity-based football team fielding players who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or neo-natal death. Our aim is to bring bereaved families together in a safe environment to play football, socialise and, most importantly, to support each other.

If you would like further information or to join our team please contact us:


Joel - o7950 166031

Email -

Facebook/Instagram - Sandsunitedstockport

Twitter - SandsunitedSK


Sands at 40: Rocky's story

To celebrate and commemorate its 40th anniversary, Sands published 40 stories from bereaved parents. One of the stories was from Manchester Sands' Jo and Paul about the loss of their first child in 1990. The story can be read HERE.

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