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A standing couple holding each other close facing the Still Parents exhibition information wall.
General view of the Still Parents exhibition.
Photo of woman looking at one of the Still Parents memory boxes.


The exhibition is now closed. Workshops are continuing


The powerful and moving STILL PARENTS; LIFE AFTER BABY LOSS exhibition opened at the Whitworth on 23rd September 2021 and closed on Sunday 4th December 2022. The official opening featured music by Liberty's Mother (Sophie Daniels, who has also experienced baby loss) who recorded the wonderful 'I Can Love From Here'












STILL PARENTS won four major awards:


  • The Kids in Museum's 'Going the Extra Mile' award

  • The University of Manchester's 'Making a Difference Award'

  • The Museum Association's 'Best Museum's Change Lives Project' award

  • The Family Arts Campaign's 'Audience Impact and Innovation Award'.



The monthly artist-led, art-making sessions are continuing at The Whitworth.  Contact Lucy Turner for details.

“Art helps us access and express parts of ourselves that are often unavailable to other forms of human interaction. It flies below the radar, delivering nourishment for our soul and returning with stories from the unconscious.”

Grayson Perry

"This has been better than a counselling session. It was so good to talk to others who understand" (Participant)

"We got more time to talk to people as we were working...I realised tonight that others have the same feelings as me. It made me feel less alone" (Participant)

"It's a tough time for all our bereaved families, human contact is so important. Experiencing a stillbirth is so complex with so many multidimensional needs and changes lives forever. The feedback I've had and the actual art work that I have seen is poignantly beautiful and moves me more than words can say, they take my breath away and I can see the power of art in action."

(Bereavement Midwife)


Join a workshop, absolutely no art experience necessary! 

Still Parents Gallery

Woman with hijab making a collage.
Photo of three women making wicker stars.
Jo & Paul 1.jpg
Paul -Watercolours 1.PNG
Close up of woman's hands creating a baby loss memory book.
Photo of a jumble of art materials on a table top.
'Everyone is Brave'. Drawing of a couple and a young child.
STill Parents- photo - flatbed.JPG
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