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Information about our meetings.

All bereaved parents are welcome.

Full details about the meeting are sent via email if you are on our e-mailing list. If you do not have those details, or are not on the list, please contact us via the contact form. When we meet in person refreshments are provided.

All our meetings are very informal and are an opportunity to meet and talk with others who understand the pain of losing a child, and to share experiences and concerns.

Please note: 

Our meetings are also occasionally attended by bereaved parents who may be expecting another child, as an important part of our work is to support bereaved individuals and couples through what can be a stressful time. Please contact us via email or the contact form if you have any questions or concerns.



We are continuing to hold our monthly meetings in-person and online. Below are the dates of the next meetings to July 2025.  The in-person support meetings take place at a venue in Old Trafford, M32.  Details are sent with the notice of the meeting to our email list. 


In-person meetings

All meetings 8.15pm - 10.00pm

Wednesday 5th June

Wednesday 10th July

Wednesday 11th Sept

Wednesday 9th Oct

Wednesday 13th Nov

Wednesday 18th Dec


Wednesday 15th Jan

Wednesday 12th Feb

Wednesday 12th Mar

Wednesday 9th April

Wednesday 14th May

Wednesday 11th June

Wednesday 9th July

Online meetings via Zoom.

All meetings 8pm - 9.30pm 

Contact us by email if you want to attend and we will send you the link to the meeting.


Thursday 13th June

Thursday 18th July

Thursday 19th Sept

Thursday 17th Oct

Thursday 21st Nov

Thursday 19th Dec


Thursday 23rd Jan

Thursday 20th Feb

Thursday 20th Mar

Thursday 17th Apr

Thursday 22nd May

Thursday 19th June

Thursday 17th July

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